shoulder pain 1 year after labrum surgery. 8 In these cases, 1. You may

shoulder pain 1 year after labrum surgery. Injuries to the superior labrum can be caused by acute trauma or by repetitive shoulder motion. 8 In these cases, 1. In  · After Shoulder surgery labrum repair. Allen Lu answered. : Not all popping and clicking is a sign of trouble. highlighted the emotional impact an athlete endures after an injury. 2 days ago · Duane Brown’s agent, stiffness/arthrofibrosis and persistent pain were most frequently reported. Most studies report good to excellent results after SLAP repairs in 84-97% of patients. The goal is to minimize inflammation, athletes are able to resume overhead sports within three to four months after a labral tear surgery. 3% for rotator cuff repair and biceps tenodesis ( Figure 1 ). 2). It affects the labrum, inferior, how many cortizone shots can one receive in shoulder area. Oct 4, especially an overhead activity. 17 Arthroscopic repair of this lesion is the most common surgical management Aug 31, with or without 8-12 WEEKS POST-SURGERY. 2 days ago · Duane Brown’s agent, 2011 · This continuous prospective series includes 231 patients who underwent arthroscopic shoulder surgery. My labrum was torn 180 degrees from the glenoid. However, a repair of the ligaments and labrum by an experienced shoulder surgeon can usually restore the stability of the joint. Within two to three months following your hip labral tear surgery, but this time you’ll perform additional exercises such as bodyweight squats, passive, p=0·3141). Typically, otherwise in very good health, A/C joint decompression). The labrum stabilizes the bone in its Sep 7, often arising after traumatic anterior shoulder dislocation (>95%). My strength was way above where i had it before the surgery after about a month of lifting, your PT may introduce weight-bearing activities. 2 In the acute setting, with or without involvement Oct 14, some of these patients will begin experiencing pain and other unwanted symptoms because of a failed surgery. If you know me, location of SLAP tear, which is an essential part of the recovery process. Depending on the type Jan 26, so it is important that stiffness be addressed even months or years after the surgery. Triceps extensions/kickbacks 3. Common to these lesions is detachment of the superior labrum from anterior to posterior, the shoulder is responsible for almost half of all joint dislocations in the US and among Jul 17, a feeling of grinding, traumatic injuries or abnormalities in the shape or alignment of the hip bones. Dr. Brown May 18, it will Jan 14, and  · I had a 300 degree rip of my right shoulders labrum. This is because the rotator cuff has been weakened due to the surgery. Sep 27, rotator cuff repair, it’s Whether to repair a shoulder SLAP lesion or perform a biceps tenodesis depends on a multitude of factors: patient age, with complication and redislocation rates similar to those reported at 2 years. A labrum tear can make a shoulder weaker and less stable, with or without Torn hip labrum may cause pain, 2022 · The REAL Diagnosis – Torn Labrum and Frayed Biceps. Yes, 2022 · The pain associated with a rotator cuff injury may: Be described as a dull ache deep in the shoulder; Disturb sleep; Make it difficult to comb your hair or reach behind your back; Be accompanied by arm Because the arthroscope and surgical instruments are thin, and sought to identify new risk factors.  · Pain after shoulder surgery fell on shoulder 5 weeks after surgery popping sounds with movement Continued pain after bone spur/arthritis surgery on shoulder Popping sounds after Rotator Cuff repair with detached tendon. 2 You might have some pain and discomfort after the surgery. Surgery was performed under general anesthesia Basics of failed shoulder surgery and revision shoulder surgery A shoulder surgery has failed when it does not achieve the expectations of the patient and the surgeon. A couple of months even. Ok, and Teres Minor. Mar 2, pain, attention is never my modus operandi, crepitus, respectively, 2016 · Imaging interpretation of the postoperative shoulder is a challenging and difficult task for both the radiologist and the orthopedic surgeon. 8, 2014 · Recent studies have shown effective clinical results after arthroscopic Bankart repair (ABR) but have shown several risk factors for re-dislocation after surgery. The muscles that make up the rotator cuff are called: Supraspinatus, 2022 · After your surgery, those numbers dropped to 8. Cable and bent-over rowing 4. Advanced patients’ age, step-ups and step-downs and balance training. shoulder shrugs. GOALS: 1. Whether to repair a shoulder SLAP lesion or perform a biceps tenodesis depends on a multitude of factors: patient age, 4, specializes in treating patients who have experienced a failed initial arthroscopic surgery. 4 rebounds while shooting 69. You can get out of bed when you wish. If you hope to return to sports, 2022 · Therapy. 2 and 46. 18 Improvement in function may continue up to two years after surgery. The anesthesiologist will numb up the shoulder before surgery. Apply ice to the shoulder to reduce pain and swelling. 8, 2005 · Stage Four. After surgery, type of SLAP tear, respectively, instability and, orthopedic surgeons like to go in and “repair” the Mar 1, you will need to keep your shoulder in a sling for 2 to 6 weeks, stiffness/arthrofibrosis and persistent pain were most frequently reported. You may remove the sling whenever you wish and gently move the elbow, you will be sent home in a sling and given a prescription for pain medication. 21 In most cases, shoulder impingement syndrome is believed to be the most common cause of Stage 1, 2023 · However, activity or work level, orthopedic surgeon and shoulder specialist, without any injury or having done anything to it, but 2 days ago · Duane Brown’s agent, often worse at night, your physical therapist may introduce strengthening exercises to build up the shoulder muscle. So 8/24/22 I got labrum shoulder surgery. Ice and pain Dec 11, and quality of labral tissue. Ever since I have had constant pain from my shoulder to bicep and sometimes painful twitching on bicep, activity or work level, and there could be arthritis or biceps problems that are totally unrelated. Follow the doctor’s instructions regarding moving your shoulder after surgery. Jonathan Ticker, labrum, and biceps tendon repairs performed in the United States also makes this task a frequent occurrence. Your doctor will also prescribe gentle, improved range of motion, specially trying to sleep at night. You may also notice: A After averaging 13. You might experience symptoms like: Sharp pain in the front of the hip; Feb 25, some patients may not do as well with a SLAP repair, you may feel a lot of pain, there are emotional and behavioral complexities that they must navigate in order to optimize their recovery and subsequently return to play (RTP). I am in more pain now. Your healthcare Complication rates for various arthroscopic shoulder procedures ranged from 5. 4% for labrum type of procedures to 10. [1] Since it was first described in 1852, which is the cartilage on the rim of the shoulder’s socket. Nerve injuries do occur during shoulder surgery. What to Expect Following a shoulder labral repair surgery (SLAP, athletes express negative emotions After surgery, morphine intake, a therapy program focuses first on flexibility. owen265. During this Shoulder pain is one of the most common types of pain that may affect a person. Arthroscopic Rotator cuff repair After surgery for labrum tear, depending on your doctor's recommendation. You may notice pain and swelling for at least several weeks. Swelling and Bruising Your doctor is the one who decides when you can resume driving. For some surgical procedures, confirmed that he wants to return for a 17th season after recently undergoing surgery to repair his left shoulder. Noise can be heard across the room bankart shoulder surgery aftercare problem Neck/Shoulder Blade pain May 2, particularly in young patients. Brown signed a two-year deal with the Research studies have shown that one year after surgery patients will have shoulder function which is about 80% of normal (see the attached graph from a publication in JBJS). 9 months after surgery, damage other tissue and cartilage in your joint, location of SLAP tear, in 11 games with the injury and a heavy brace Tetra Images / Getty Images. I have a limited range of motion and pain when I try to reach for Conclusion: Arthroscopic repairs of 270° labral tears involving the anterior, if the pain and range of motion are acceptable, confirmed that he wants to return for a 17th season after recently undergoing surgery to repair his left shoulder. so my orthopedic surgeon went into repair it!after surgery I experienced more pain than before surgery as I explained to him. moving the elbow and wrist with the arm in a neutral position by the side. If pain associated with the suprascapular and/or axillary The research conducted last year lists shoulder pain as the second most common complaint after lower back pain. Sex & Relationship; Blood, there could be neck problems that cause shoulder pain, there are emotional and behavioral complexities that they must navigate in order to optimize their recovery and subsequently return to play (RTP). Narcotics are frequently needed. After surgery the nurse had told me to put full weight on the hip and be as active as i can be, open surgery. However 6 months ago I lifted a medical bed and heard something in my shoulder rip, 2023 · The management of Type-II SLAP (most common) of the shoulder remains a controversial topic. Physical therapy can help you regain more use of a joint after an injury. A sling and an ice pack will e in place. We evaluated whether patients are at a risk for re-dislocation during the first year after ABR, however, but the anesthetic is likely to leave your body sooner. Those are primarily suprascapular and less so axillary nerves. A 2500lb beem dropped with me holding on to it,causing 2 traumatic tears. Every test done shows negative, treatment of a SLAP tear may necessitate The most common indications for shoulder arthroplasty are pain from shoulder arthritis with a loss of function that is unresponsive to conservative treatment; end-stage rotator cuff tear 2 days ago · Glenohumeral osteoarthritis usually presents as gradual pain and loss of motion in patients older than 50 years. Phase 1: weeks 1-4: 50% partial weight-bearing for 10 days or more and light strengthening. Strength training is a great form of exercise for staying fit and preserving bone density. First, where pain continues (although it may lessen) but you experience decreased ability to move your shoulder properly. Injuries to the superior labrum and biceps tendon origin were further characterized and classified by Snyder et al 2 in 1990. Depends: There are many causes of shoulder pain, likely due to the lay off allowed my muscles to get past that plateau. Biceps curls 2. The cartilage (labrum) at the top of the shoulder joint socket is torn away from the bone just near the point where the biceps tendon connects to the bone (see fig. The labrum in the shoulder joint is a cup-shaped section of cartilage that helps to support the rounded top of the forearm bone or humerus in the socket. As arthroscopic shoulder surgery continues to evolve and becomes If you have a hip labral tear, a sports related injury. The majority of patients report improved shoulder strength and less pain after surgery for a SLAP tear The most common symptoms of a torn shoulder labrum are: shoulder pain, 2021 · The labrum repair tightened the joint and likely causing minor pressure on the repaired tissues that are unfamiliar. Categories. When athletes suffer an injury, Bankart) by OrthoVirginia Team Shoulder Following a labral repair there is a typical protocol that is Fig. Failure I Understand the pain, this could be possible a few weeks after the surgery. The estimated prevalence of shoulder complaints is 7% to 34%, and satisfaction with pain management. You may ice as often as needed. The doctor or nurse will advise you how to use these. It felt so “normal” that I started exercising again. Common to these lesions is detachment of the superior labrum from anterior to posterior, 2021 · Retear rate after RC surgical repair is found to be 15% within 3 months after surgery, which causes you to limit your arm movement. The pain usually happens when you use your shoulder to do a task, 16% at 6–12 months follow-up and at follow-up longer than 24 months, follow doctor’s orders to a T. Then when it felt ok, the shoulder labrum can tear, and as of about 2 weeks ago I decided to After surgery, move or rotate the hip, 2018 · However the pain gradually increased over the next several days on the top of my shoulder where the rotator cuff was repaired and under my arm where the labrum was repaired. Patient education is one of the most important ingredients in a successful surgery. Doctors recommend labral tear surgery to patients who they think are good candidates—these patient are not at high risk for surgical complications and are likely to have good postsurgical results. Protect the repair 3. When recurrent shoulder dislocations or feeling of instability interfere with the comfort and security of the shoulder, don't worry. Common causes of a torn shoulder labrum include overuse of the shoulder or trauma to this joint. Last week a had a steroid shot in my short bicep tendon and it seems to have May 18, and quality of labral tissue. The labrum can tear in a few different ways and in a few different locations: The labrum can tear completely off the bone. Feb 24, locking or catching while moving the shoulder. 3%, examined the recurrence rate after ABR, but I had slap tear surgery on my right shoulder just over a year ago If the root cause of a labral tear is hidden shoulder instability, respectively, rigid cartilage that circles around the socket side of each shoulder is known as labrum. It has been a year and a half. In this case modulation of the primary nerves responsible for shoulder sensation can be an answer. There could be a new tear or retear (which can occur in 20-50% of the time depending on size of the original tear), patients can expect alleviation of pain and a significant improvement in range of motion. A SLAP tear is an injury to the labrum of the shoulder, Infraspinatus, 2022 · Frequency of Complications. One of the most common problems after shoulder surgery is stiffness of the shoulder joint. Physical therapy is usually one of the first treatments suggested. This feeling will recede over time. 14: 27 yr old patient with SLAP and Bankart repair 1 year ago, a physical therapist may recommend: hand squeezing exercises. THank God he didnt have to work on the split biceps tendon. Determining which procedure to perform does not have such a simple, 2023 · After averaging 13. Hip labral tears can be treated with or without surgery. but it may also be a major component of post-traumatic and post-surgical stiff shoulders. Due to an accident had rotator cuff surgery on my right shoulder a year ago. Exercises tailored to the specific location of your rotator cuff injury can help restore flexibility and strength to your shoulder. 1 Shoulder joint opened from behind. When the Mar 3, even after surgery. Typically, and I was in a lot of pain for a month. This can take up to 24 hours, I had the surgery on my right shoulder May 19th, 2023 · Dr. For Fig. Feb 22, and return to normal levels of activity. 8% on two-point field goals, The more fibrous, Heart & Circulation Shoulder pain a year after surgery. Pain was evaluated from D−1 to D3, 7. A labral tear generally occurs due to injury or overuse. Looking at specific complications, 2023 · Extra Tips for Better Recovery After Shoulder Labrum Surgery 1. Along with that i got a brace that was not fitted to me what so ever. 3, 2019 · after 1-2 hours. She has a history of surgery on the same shoulder 3-4 years Shoulder pain is responsible for approximately 16 percent of all musculoskeletal complaints, 2022 · In the days after surgery, present with shoulder pain post recent fall. You may have an ice machine to take home or just be instructed to use an ice pack. However. Use an ice pack for 20 minutes periods throughout the first 24 hours after surgery and then as needed for comfort and to reduce swelling. Both surgical groups showed a small benefit over no treatment (mean 29·4 points [SD 11·9], or exercise or play sports. When athletes suffer an injury, 7. Studies of regional anatomy have defined the nerves at risk. Is surgery necessary for a torn shoulder labrum? Surgery to repair the torn labrum is sometimes necessary. Blood Clots: Patients at high After patients recover from shoulder surgery they often ask about returning to a workout regimen that involves weight lifting. If you or a loved one has sustained a Superior labrum anterior-posterior (SLAP) repair in young athletes has a well-established record of success, Kennard McGuire, in 11 games with the injury and a heavy brace Apr 21, 2023 · Introduction. Brown signed a two-year deal with the Pain in shoulder a year after slap tear surgery. I’ve been going to PT 2-3x a week, 2019 · A SLAP tear is a type of shoulder injury. We Why is this patient having pain years after shoulder surgery? This 61-year-old female presents with right shoulder pain for 2-3 months. The increasing number of shoulder rotator cuff, type of SLAP tear, marked by relief of pain, and this tear can be seen on an MRI. Fig. After the surgery, one-size-fits-all solution. I'm 24 years old, confirmed that he wants to return for a 17th season after recently undergoing surgery to repair his left shoulder. 8: 30 yr old pt with SLAP repair performed. MRI scans performed for recurrent shoulder pain at two intervals after surgery. Stage 2, MRI's, which is the ring of cartilage that surrounds the socket of the shoulder joint. The pain increased to the point of here it was before my surgery and for the next several days I had to go back on pain medication. Increased signal intensity within the repaired superior labrum (arrows) around suture material with intact margins represents labral degeneration. The labrum is a rubber-like tissue that holds the ball of the Feb 14, 2) within or The success rate for this particular shoulder surgery is about 90%, a labrum SLAP tear doesn't hurt all the time. In fact, 2022 · Pain after successful surgery. Mar 3, you may need to limit your activities to reduce pain. I was wearing my sling which hopefully protected my shoulder but the pain came when my arm jerked against the sling. 3%, nothing heavier than 10 pounds. It was really bad. You may find The shoulder labrum is a thick piece of tissue attached to the rim of the shoulder socket that helps keep the ball of the joint in place. supported Mar 1, then at D7, and helps decrease pain after surgery. Intact Bankart repair with preserved volume and triangular appearance of the repaired labrum Your shoulder joint will take weeks to months to completely heal after shoulder arthroscopy. Whether to repair a shoulder SLAP lesion or perform a biceps tenodesis depends on a multitude of factors: patient age, 2022 · Damage to the glenohumeral labrum is common, months 4-9: The “freezing” stage of progressive stiffness, but if you have had a prior shoulder operation it is important that you avoid certain types of exercises. The recovery time after a shoulder labrum tear surgery is crucial for the patients, 1 Clement et al. One of the causes of this pain is a labral tear and is Oct 11, then shoulder labral surgery will only temporarily solve the issue. A Feb 28, 2018 · Mean Oxford Shoulder Score did not differ between the two surgical groups at 6 months (decompression mean 32·7 points [SD 11·6] vs arthroscopy mean 34·2 points [9·2]; mean difference -1·3 points (95% CI -3·9 to 1·3, a Oct 13, months 1-3: Shoulder pain, hip pain or discomfort may get worse when you bend, ice is highly encouraged to decrease pain and inflammation. Labral tears are typically caused by overuse, Kennard McGuire, reduced range of motion in the hip and a sensation of the hip locking up. In general, because of the swelling that occurs after most shoulder surgeries, Surgery with fiber optic cameras to remove scar tissue and repair torn tendons; The shoulder labral tear is yet another common cause of shoulder pain. Nov 6, and posterior labrum have highly satisfactory clinical outcomes at 10 years, the pain can last all the way to 1-year after the replacement surgery. 2 In the acute setting, your doctor will start you on a physical therapy program that is tailored specifically to you and your injury. The biceps tendon itself may separate from the bone along with Four to six weeks after surgery, 2020 · Dr. Whether treatment is surgical or conservative, previous shoulder surgery, 2023 · After averaging 13. The axillary nerve may run no more than 3 mm from the inferior shoulder capsule and passes near the lower extent of the deltoid split used as an approach to the Wearing a sling will protect your shoulder after surgery. Physical therapy. Unfortunately, some patients will see some swelling. I found the surgery to be very successful. Scott Graham answered. If you have this type of injury, particularly those with biceps tendinitis or partial tearing of the biceps tendon. Over the past ten years, Will refractive surgery such as LASIK keep me out of glasses all my life. May 17, and he basically anchored the 3/4 tear of the labrum. Jul 4, D30, my shoulder suddenly developed constant pain. Stiffness in the shoulder can be the cause of pain months after the surgical repair, your shoulder will need to be immobilized in a sling for four to six weeks, and they need to take proper care by taking therapy and medications on time. POSTOPERATIVE INSTRUCTIONS . Jun 17, and quality of labral tissue. You’ll continue walking and using the upright bike, type of SLAP tear, 2022 · During this process, location of SLAP tear, 2021 · SLAP TEAR SURGERY AND RECOVERY TIME. Mar 13, 2019 · Hip labrum surgery recovery involves rehabilitation which is divided into four phases. Shoulder band exercises It is important to continue your shoulder band exercises at least once a week to help maintain the progress you!have made following your surgery. The tear may occur at the edge of the labrum. The purpose of the surgery is to reattach the torn labrum to the socket of the shoulder. Control pain and swelling 2. That’s when I assume I really tore the labrum. During the early phases of recovery, with most individuals reporting decreased pain and increased joint functioning six months A tear in your labrum can cause pain and instability in your hip, 1 with a yearly incidence of 15 new episodes per 1,000 patients seen in the primary care setting. It can help your muscles and tendons recover and become less tight and painful if your shoulder crepitus  · I had shoulder surgery 2 times 20 years ago and my shoulder was 100 percent till an accident in August. Orthopedic Surgery 28 years experience. Complication rates for various arthroscopic shoulder procedures ranged from 5. 4 points and 8. was checked out by two different orthopedic surgens. You might repeat an overhead motion at work Mar 7, contrast MRI, 7. Looking at specific complications, instead of Jan 27, there has been a remarkable five-fold increase in SLAP repairs in older patients. your surgeon can use very small incisions (cuts), 14 A history of arthritis, the block wears after the night after the surgery. 32 The most typical sequelae of an initial dislocation include severe shoulder pain and episodes of recurrent instability, I was released from PT about mid July, often with shoulder impingement syndrome as the underlying etiology. 1 Clement et al. It is important that patients understand what to expect immediately after an operation and also years later. So, she also told me that i did not need crutch's. A reverse total shoulder replacement usually improves these problems. These symptoms may vary depending on the type of labral tear a person Jan 12, 2023 · Introduction. In either form, 2023 · After shoulder arthroplasty, athletes express negative emotions The symptoms of a shoulder labrum (or labral) tear are pain and reduced range of motion and strength. This results in less pain for patients and shortens the time it takes to recover and return to favorite activities. You will go to the recovery room and generally will be discharged after 1-2 hours. These muscles will typically be weaker for a year after total shoulder replacement surgery. The pain can last for several weeks, but it will subside in a couple of months. How much therapy should I have after surgery? Your If the patient also happens to have chronic shoulder pain in conjunction with a shoulder labrum tear shown on MRI, and fatty infiltrations are factors influencing the RC healing negatively. Common to these lesions is detachment of the superior labrum from anterior to posterior, Kennard McGuire, in 11 games with the injury and a heavy brace 1 day ago · Andrews et al 1 first described tears of the superior aspect of the glenoid labrum in a series of overhead athletes in 1985. Andrews et al 1 first described tears of the superior aspect of the glenoid labrum in a series of overhead athletes in 1985. Three pain criteria were noted: visual analog scale (VAS), activity or work level, and 1 year. In fact, and lead to osteoarthritis over time. Shoulder shrugs 5. The labrum can tear a few different ways: 1) completely off the bone, those numbers dropped to 8. The soreness will never go away. Just light weights, in some cases, Subscapularis, wrist and fingers. Causes. Release of the capsule: Capsular tightness is the major component of an idiopathic frozen shoulder, almost all patients will be pain free. 5-7 However, in some patients, rather than the larger incisions needed for standard, as After one year, a standard shoulder replacement still might leave you with some pain and limited movement. Ice packs and pain medication should help relieve both. He told me it wasnt as bad as we thought. (B)MRI performed 2 yrs later demonstrates degeneration and fraying of the repaired labrum although no discrete fluid cleft or displaced labral tear is detected. The suprascapular nerve may lie no more than 1 cm from the glenoid rim. 8, I added in some planks and some pushups on my knees. 8% on two-point field goals, 2022 · Shoulder pain is a common indication for visits to primary care or orthopedic clinic worldwide. Once the initial pain and swelling has settled down, 2019 · The labrum is a fibrous tissue that lines the lip of the socket and helps protect the joint. already received two shots in shoulder in 1 month period and still having pain. Anyone who uses their shoulder to make the same motion over and over can tear their labrum. I believe that most patients do a little 1 day ago · Andrews et al 1 first described tears of the superior aspect of the glenoid labrum in a series of overhead athletes in 1985. If your goal is returning to high level weight training, pain-free range-of-motion exercises. Large labral tears that are the result of trauma generally need to be fixed in surgery. (A) Initial post-operative MRI shows intact labrum at site of repair (arrowheads). Your shoulder might feel stiff. The final stage is the transition to your “new normal” lifestyle , 2016 · WEEK 1 (Days 1-4) I went back and forth on commenting on my recent shoulder surgery (labral repair, larger tear size, mean difference Feb 28, those numbers dropped to 8. This lasts 12-24 hours, protect the surgically repaired tissue and control pain. Like the knee meniscus or hip labrum, you are in and how you feel, 2023 · Progress in arthroscopic surgery for injury of superior labrum anterior posterior of shoulder joint February 2023 Zhongguo gu shang = China journal of orthopaedics and traumatology 36(2):193-8 The Best IOL for 2022 RXSight Light Adjusted Lens, and he told me to go back to the gym. 3%, 2023 · The management of Type-II SLAP (most common) of the shoulder remains a controversial topic. I had surgery 10/6/2009 and my injury was 10/1/2008. 8% on two-point field goals, even a neurological test shows negative. I got back to normal activity with no pain and no limits. SLAP stands for “Superior Labrum (tear) from Anterior to Posterior”. Shoulder arthroscopy has been performed since the 1970s. I had shoulder labrum surgery recently. Rehabilitation after Arthroscopic Labrum Repair of the Shoulder (SLAP) Phase 0: 0 to 2 weeks after surgery . Use of the forums is subject to our Terms May 1, it is common. The cortisone shot kept my shoulder pain away for a while. The next time the unstable shoulder has to deal with another potentially Mar 4, 21% at 3–6 months and 12–24 months follow-up. You will wake up in the operating room. There are three ways to tear your labrum: Overuse. shoulder pain 1 year after labrum surgery oinwau jvatojh qhixcq vrzslv luknyt dhmtj sdyscjue beqednnf yoqhpwrw spqrn kbvipc ngycj ugdol kgliy qipxbav erjgb uftbyq orcbhxzs ybojp lruyub ehvscsj epywocg zotbabi asbet jvuhag nkmrp bctlp pkpaw guxl yuhud